About Us

BVP Fashion Marketing is an Online Retail owned by BVP Marketing LLC registered in Miami, Florida.

We created BVP Fashion Marketing to provide unique fashion products for women at excellent prices.

This store is different; we do not sell too many items, but a curated selection from the best stores and manufacturers.
We focus on items that will excite you to revisit us, and you will want to buy again because shopping online should be fun.

Rather than offering a vast and unoriginal collection, we carefully select just a few one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for fashionistas like us.

We sell both on Amazon and here, in our beautiful online store, where we can offer you an even more dedicated and friendly service. Our customer receives their products fast and safely. 

Our Customer Service is attended by real people, consistently enforcing to give our customers the best attention.

Here is our contact information:

Business Address: 2423 SW 147th. AVE # 820. Miami, FL 33185.

Email: bvpmarketing2@gmail.com