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Benefits of Anti fatigue Mat

Back Pain

Could the Back Pain and Fatigue caused in the lower limbs be mitigated by standing for a long time?

Every day we find people with a long face, tired after a day of work that is often the product of staying long hours at day standing in the same place or in their own homes.

I am thinking right now of an employee of any business, that his work consists basically of manual activities on a counter, a supermarket cashier or a department store, a carpenter, an architect or a designer or a housewife who While prepares dinner for their family, remains standing in the kitchen for hours.
In short, a wide range of people whose activity is basically standing most of the time.

Honestly, even though I was affected by this situation one occasion, I had not really paid attention, until a few months ago, that in a conversation with a group of friends and family came up this matter.

Necesidad de Alfombra Anti Fatiga

Talking to Nelson Paredes, president of the Lignum Custom Woodwork Company.

He told me that days ago he had noticed two of his employees, who were sitting with notable signs of fatigue, he approached them and asked if they felt good, which they replied they were exhausted due to working several hours standing.

This response caused a strong concern in me, Nelson said and continued:

“I will immediately solve this problem that is occurring among my collaborators, I want to make their workday much more pleasant and at the same time productive, I will look for a solution in the market…”

Lignum Custom Woodwork

Days later we met again and to my surprise, He had already solved their workers’ problem.

He invested in the purchase of anti-fatigue mats. Providing to the employees with the comfort they needed to do their job with greater pleasure and in a healthier way.

Curiously, since they started using these mats, the projects started to come out more easily and the atmosphere in the workshop noticeably improved, without a doubt. This was a very important factor in increasing the Company’s performance.

Which are reasons for using anti-fatigue mats?

Today, with the advances of science and technology, we find in the market diverse solutions to almost all our problems, for example, there are devices designed precisely to mitigate fatigue and relieve weariness causes even increase performance at work.

Scientific studies have shown that anti-fatigue carpets increase up to 30% performance at work and this is thanks to the design and materials with which they are manufactured.

These mats, have an ergonomic surface which makes them stable, for its thickness and elasticity providing stability for the foot and knee which helps the person to stand comfortably for long periods of time, moving the foot away of the hardness of the soil.

Employees who are standing in one place for long periods of time may begin to experience uncomfortable situations for the feet, legs, and back. They also run the risk of presenting a whole series of health problems, including:

back pain
Back Pain
Foot Pain
Foot Pain









The reason why these Antifatigue mats provide so many health benefits is purely physical since they largely counteract the force exerted by gravity on the pressure points of the body, such as the joints, extremities, and muscles.
They reduce pain in general by absorbing a large amount of the force exerted on a standing body.

Antifatigue Mat
Antifatigue Mat

These anti-fatigue mats work like giant cushions, which provide a cushioned surface on which to stay for prolonged periods or to walk.

This reduces the effect known as “hammering” on the soles of the feet. Reduces pressure on specific points in the joints, connective tissue, and muscles. Facilitating better circulation and less pain, not only in the feet but also the legs, spine, back, and neck.

Also, Anti-fatigue mats could prevent the Fasciitis Plantar; we plan to make the next post about this specific matter.

Implementation of these Anti-Fatigue Mats is so useful, healthy, so simple and at the same time economical, that…

I really do not understand how it is possible that today there are so many companies (powerful & Big many of them) here, in South Florida, allowing their employees remain 8, 9 and even 10 hours standing on a concrete floor without a “cushion” of the adequate hardness of the floor.

Outside the Industry.

But not only in workplaces is useful the Anti Fatigue mat, but I have also bought one for the house, I put it in my stand up computer desk and it is amazing the comfort it brings, the name comes in handy because you really do not get tired of being stand.

antifatigue matThere are many companies specialized in these products for industrial and commercial use; but I found offers in Amazon and at a very good price, since then I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances.

There are more anti-fatigue and fatigue mitigation products, such as Gel Insoles, of which I will comment shortly; but for me, the star product is this and I can give faith of it.

If you are interested, now you can take a look through our, where you will find a careful selection of articles and offers, based on the suggestions of our readers.

And I advance you that soon I will be publishing a very interesting article, related to Foot Pain, specifically with a generalized ailment in our times, which affects a large percentage of the population worldwide, it is the Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis

If you are interested about this subject and you want to receive a direct message of the publication of that post, please complete the contact form in the sidebar and if you are using a mobile device you will find the form at the end of the page.

Thank you for getting here and I invite you to continue visiting us whenever you want.

A hug,

Betty 😉

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Anti fatigue Mat

  1. The information that you shared in this post shows that you have a nice grip on the top. The nature of job I am involved in requires 4-5 hours of standing and I am suffering from Plantar Fasciitis too, and my standing experience becomes very painful. I have tried multiple standing desk mats but none met my expectation, can you please suggest a good mat for Plantar Fasciitis.

    1. Hello Irma,

      Thank you for visiting our Blog. Your comments are very welcome!

      I can recommend Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat, for me it is a very good mat. I bought it on Amazon for more than 2 years and today it is like new yet.

      I must say you that in fact, I don’t suffer from Plantar Fasciitis nevertheless, At that time I had a job very very demandant and I spent more than 5 hours standing, for that, I understand what we are speaking to.

      This is the mentioned Anti-fatigue mat

      I would like to know if it has been useful to you. I hope so!


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