Virtual Reality Headset by BVP-Marketing-com

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See your photos and videos in 3D with this Virtual Reality Headset by BVP-Marketing-com

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Hundreds of applications to watch videos and games in 3D with this virtual reality helmet.

This Virtual Reality headset features an adjustable velcro strap and nylon head. Also padded foam pad with memory, adjustable pupil distance focus, hard and tough cover. Besides it has an innovative optical system and a secure device cartridge.
Adjustable focus of pupil distance. Hard and resistant cover. Innovative optical system and a safe device cartridge.
Also has a 360-degree display and you can use it wearing glasses.
It is Compatible with all Cell Phones.

How to use 3D this VR Headset?

1. Download any 3D app in the Apple app store or Google play store. Works with many apps such as Veer, Cardboard, Fulldive VR, YouTube 360º, Jaunt VR, . Download 3d videos from Youtube, play games, or go on a virtual trip using Google Maps.

2. Attention: Please put your phone WITHOUT any Cover in order to provide a firm position of it inside the mount of this VR Headset.

3. Wear the VR glasses, there are the object and pupil distance buttons.

4. Enjoy it!

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