Sandgrens Swedish High Heel Wooden Clogs for Women

$ 185.00

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  • Comfortable wooden clogs made of natural materials.
  • We know, sizing can be tricky sometimes. That is why we created our very own size guide to help you find your Sandgrens size. Scroll down to Product Description and follow the instructions.
  • We craft all clogs by hand in our factory in Sweden.



We at Sandgrens think that making clogs is an art form worth holding onto, which is why we still create all our clogs by hand in Sweden.

Natural Materials

We believe in natural materials and in a timeless design that never goes out of style.

From Sweden

Sandgrens is one of the few original clog manufacturers to still be made in Sweden. We think that is pretty special and we sincerely thank our customers for making this possible.


Your clogs will be completely unique. In fact, no two pairs that leave our factory are identical – a result of the handcraftsmanship done by our clog masters.


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